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Sunday, February 26, 2012

blind eye knowing


One of the, if not The, deepest questions of the universe.
You have to start with what you believe is the force that is the creator of this life I believe.
Some think of GOD as a human type creature in who’s image we are created, with long flowing hair, robes to make him modest though he needs to hide nothing from his creations as I see it, and a celestial kingdom where he, or she in some cases, sits reining judgement down upon the works he designed and gave free will to.
I can not see that which created me in such limited form. I can not even envelope the concept of never ending or forever just because I am temporary in this form at least. I do however believe I was created from and by the “GOD” that has no limits and this is exactly why I think I am made in it’s likeness, BUT not in it’s totality, there are things missing if I am separate FROM God, God did not make me GOD, God, or even god, GOD made me human, GOD made everything else what it is too I believe but I think, like one atom in my body or even smaller than that, to infinity small, that part is still a part of GOD though never “GOD”, only a part, that the smallest part of me is still me, I am made in the likeness of and from GOD, I am alive, that smallest part of me is alive, GOD must also be alive if we are all part of everlasting life.
Conclusion; Life never begins, it is never ended, It IS! 
Consciousness in itself does not prove to me that I am not alive.
The fact that when sperm and egg combine and the DNA messages combine to spark cell multiplication (The spark of life if you will) and a plan is put into affect to form a body which will make a human or any other living thing would seem to be life to me.
BUT it was life even before that! The EGG and the SPERM were also alive, donated by the life forms of at least two separate beings, who were made in the image of GOD, who is also alive.
GOD talks to all of us in GOD’s own way. Some hear “Him” like “He” was talking in their language and sitting having tea I suppose. Others see the “Great Spirit” manifest as all that surrounds us and all that can not be seen or even heard but that still is. I am more from that camp I suppose but still believe all is possible.
The right to life for me is hard to conceive when I believe that life is never ending. The right to life is not for me to tell you, you may or may not have though if you threaten my life I will not hesitate to use what ever is at my disposal to protect mine and stop yours!
The question to me is more the quality of the life you give rather than just letting all life happen. If all in creation is from GOD then even the worst of it is sacred and the Jaines may be correct and may have more in line with current Christian values than most think. But if we do not take into account what we offer, if a human is brought into this world through violent action that threatens the life that brings it who is the killer here? The mother who was raped or is too young and will surely die from the birth or the entity being born who would kill it’s mother, most assuredly it would be the rapist but can we take his life either? I would say it is not my place to judge any of these unless they are me. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY LIFE! But a Mother must make the call of giving herself for another in my view. It may seem selfish or unjust but it must be hers with as much help and support from all sides as she can get. Advise and support but not Judgement and in the end her decision as final carrier of that which will always be alive to enter into this world.
If you believe in eternal life you will not be sad for the soul who returns to it’s maker but wish it return another time to experience this life in perhaps a better way!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

HeaVN returns

Once during a time before this time there was an advanced group of people living on what is now called earth. They were advanced enough to be in the beginnings of off world flight and living for extended ages in the quite of space. These people had several colonies on outer planets and were mining comets for iron to build fantastic ships that would support large colonies for ages in flight to other galaxies. 
By the time they had 3 expeditions launched the earth was pretty depleted of those who were capable of living off planet even with their work in the nano-health  sciences making the remaining population live longer and healthier, the greatest of their minds had opted for the grand travel in search of new worlds and higher learning.
As the last, as it turned out, star ship was leaving the galactic boundaries it learned of  a catastrophe about to send solar debris toward earth in a massive wave that was more than the inhabitants could overcome and an almost complete annihilation of life on earth would happen but because they would be drawn in and also destroyed if they tried to reverse course to help, they stayed their course and the ships leader General Odessa Davis sent word to the other outbound vessels of the destruction and that he and his crew would go into dormancy except for the AI and robots who could carry out advanced scientific studies that could be fed into the human bodies as they rested in stasis and would come out after a period of time when it was again safe to venture back to help what ever was left of society in the solar system.
After many eons Davis was awakened, fully rejuvenated by the internal bot-medics, his DNA advanced and most known human physical problems dealt with. His crew as well had been resurrected to a much advanced state of physical ability. The AI was far advanced but still willing to be part of "The new humanity".
On returning to Earth they found all the outposts along the way had suffered total annihilation and only Earth was left with life but not human in nature. Only larger land animals and ocean creatures lived well but were in an altered state from the creatures who the space dwellers had left behind before the destruction  of the planets they knew as home.
The land masses had turned under in the violence and no sign of the former intelligence was in evidence beyond things that were rusting beyond recognition or were soon to be abducted under the volcanic eruptions still roiling upon the surface.  
General Odessa Davis' crew was small compared to the other colony ships human cargo but it had wide diversity in genetic standing. It was agreed that a new human society was to be created on this "New" Earth and their ship would explore the outer reaches of this galaxy while Earth naturally built itself with no artificial intelligence help.
Science Administrator Thomas Alvin Nester was assigned to find suitable earth hosts for DNA from the ships ancient cold storage to start the new humans on the planet. A few examples where gathered from warm blooded species that could simulate human form though not so close as to copy human form as it was in the past and the most dangerous animals that would be a hazard to these prototype "New lifers" would be eliminated using low tech asteroid bombardment which would also rearrange the world to have more water segregated continents for the experiment to give more chances one would work in favor of a new society that would eventually be allowed to carry on the work of the ancients in outer space while giving diversity to the human body form.
S.A.Thomas A.  Nester or as his suit tag read S.A.T.A.N. was told to give the subjects only pure original DNA because G. O. Davis wanted Independent natural growth before any advanced knowledge was invested in this new human experiment. But Nester thought he knew more about science and what should be the new form of things than the General and allowed advanced knowledge to be added. With that he gave a memory of their creation to each separated group along with implanted knowledge of mathematics that would kick in after certain time periods of earth time and to hide it he made it only activate after some integration of groups when the different DNA groups mixed.
G. O. Davis found out this secret plan against his directives and sentenced S.A.T.A.N. to be marooned on the planet with all nano-tech stripped from his body and his DNA corrupted so death would take him before he could devise a way to live past his time on earth.
G.O.D. then turned to his work of searching for more stable environments to bring any suitable life that may survive to intelligence on Earth.
That was hundreds of thousands of years ago to earth but only a few years to the crew of  Heavy Velocity Nano-sience,  "HeavVN 1", when it returned to find ...


Friday, April 29, 2011

Sad Shapes

In this world I sometimes find myself seeing sad shapes in my thoughts.
The world being shaped by greed that even takes over religion.
Profit at the expense of peoples lives.
Where the many good faiths are turned upon their heads and used for money or killing in the name of the highest power.
I cry !

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Devil's in the details

As we are busy blaming "BP" for messing up the Gulf of mexico I would suggest a solution for oil barriers along the beautiful beaches there and in fact all along our coastlines.
First I will direct you to search floating "debris in the gulf of Mexico". There are enough objects floating there that if gathered and strung along the beaches could cover all the coastlines of our country I believe. It is floating so we would not have to buy new floating barriers, all we need is nets, which could be made from shredding more of the junk out in the ocean.
"BP" didn't put it there, it came from the cities along the waterways that feed into the gulf. 
Though much of it is oil products washed out of storm drains, a lot came from the "Beautiful" beaches and those "Valuable tourists" that are so afraid of getting a tar ball on their tootsies. They should come back and volunteer to help clean it if they really care! 
I also propose instead of dredging sand that will destroy animal habitat we build berms of the garbage that came from those beaches in the first place. It may be ugly to say the least but it would do more for the fish and birds in the region that get trapped in it than any other thing I can think of. The wild life doesn't want it and it's only fare that the people that made it take it back and recycle it or something. They need to pay for every bit of the pollution just like "BP", all of us who let that junk float out to sea should pay for it to be cleaned up!
If an honest look at what is in the ocean was done "BP" would look like small potatoes or in this case oil byproduct pollution.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


And so I said "Of course I did and 20 more to boot! So quick up girl and give me food or ya get my foot to 20 league from tomorrow"
But with a smile she dumped the grub, twas in a tub, and said "Oh dear John you know I'm fond of you and your bravado but know this now I'm not your cow!" and left me wearing  red tomato.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aesop updated

The old tale of Tortoise and Hare tells that falling asleep while doing a task is bad.

Jack the rabbit read it well, thought to himself, “the light this sheds is sad !”

No member of my global community is so lax, I’ll get that title back !
To that end he checked out the local Tortoise, Googling on his computer for every fact.

He bought goggles and bomber cap from a site on the internet .
And while he was at it, found some sites and placed a few side bets.

The odds were good, in the turtle's favor.
The money Jack knew he would soon savor !

Come race day the a crowd came out and the sun did shine.
The Tortoise was ready and Jackrabbit looked quite fine !

The race got started with a flurry and flash.
The rabbit was off like a shot but Tortoise got hung up in desert trash.

Jack was far out in front and in sight of the finish line .
But Coyote spied the race, thinking Tortoise and Hare would taste just fine.

Coyote joined in the race with turtle the first one he caught just rounding the bend, Tortoise pulled up shy in his shell and, though Coyote knocked, would not let him come in.
So off Coyote sped to catch his other prey but Jack saw him coming and did not want to be Din Din.

As things often go the race was a bust and no body won.
Jack was diligent and did not sleep, so lived to have another son.

Tortoise, though he was slow, lived long and finally came out.
But Tortoise forgot what the race was all about.

So when you hear another famous fable.
Just finish your spinach and clean up the crumbs before you leave the table.

So you may live long like Tortoise and Hare,
Though like Tortoise your mind may not be there.

And fast is good when you are fast as a bunny so you may outrun the danger.
Like Jackrabbit, you may have to change your course when chased by a stranger.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas for goodness sake ...

"Well I was wet, your side of the truck was dry,

I like dry,

that side didn't have your name on it,

so I am a bad boy...

it's Christmas ... go tell Santa or get over it !

Sheesh Murph !!!"

Friday, December 18, 2009

By Polar News

He was young and idealistic but RANDOLPH

thought there would be no discrimination just

because he was a Black tail and not a Rein deer.

Unfortunately he had not counted on local

animosity of the more famous deer who worked there

and was found crossing the north pole border unlawfully.

It was said he must have lost his way or gone back home

and no further investigation was launched though many years later

rumors surfaced that he was spotted in Santa's barbershop relaxing.

This could not be confirmed though because of the

security worries about lists compiled on humans stored there.

The tapes of all comments were lost some how by accidental erasure.

By Polar News Service ...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wyatt the riot ...

My dog's name is Wyatt.

He's never too loud and mostly quiet.

He romps and plays on sunny days and even stormy weather.

He likes to chase anything that scats, especially if they look like cats or has a pretty feather.

But he does not know birdy fluff from cattail stuff and most times ends up looking pretty funny!

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