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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Simply you

The cosmos is full of stars that are thousands of times as bright as ours
but we can not see a penny on the ground at night by their light ...
yet it takes no light at all for me to see your face, It is always with me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What's the point ?

"What's the point ?" you ask ... "it's been there for many years and no one goes there anyway." But birds go there and deer, bear, cougars, coyotes, foxes, mice, and a million other of the creatures go there. Some times we loose sight that the world has other living things other than humans who , if we went there, would surely soon be eaten, or beaten into submission and soon would not be anywhere and what a sad day that would be to have all the freeways we wanted, all the coal, all the air but only see concrete and other humans.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh Osprey

So silent on the air that nothing would give you away if only you could hold the excitement in.
The sweep of wing ready for a knife edged plunge into cold waters, the prize , a fish to win.
No sound in deaf waters splash the rainbow hear.
It is only in a shadow they fear.
But real enough the Ospreys cry , IEEE IEEE IEEE
Oh looky here , a fish to fry.
Eagle eye looks as talon rakes, tough as U.S. steel.
Searching depths for a fishy feel.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sun's day ...

Sun's day and the sun is out here on this lazy , yup I actually slept in, day in sunny southern Ore-E-gun.
I hope it's shining where ever you are as well and you have time to look around your normal life to something beyond.

If I may suggest ... take a cup or better yet thermos ( it will last longer and make you stay away from normal routine a few minutes or hours more) of warm liquid of your choice , step out your back door and immediately look down and to the right, notice anything and everything even to the smallest cracks you can see. If you have a camera try to photograph it as close as you can. Don't spend a lot of time there but move on for at least two blocks and keep an eye out to the right and low for anything that you have not noticed before and investigate it closely. Move on again and wander for at least ten minutes looking down and to the right. You may be amazed at what you have been walking or driving past all this time. Don't be in a hurry to get back either but on the return trip keep looking down and to the right because this will show you the other side of things on your path to discovery.

OH yes if you do not have a camera take a drawing paper folded in 4s to sketch the interesting stuff, don't worry if you think you can not draw, the sketches are not for the world to see unless you want them to, they are for you and to bring back the memories of the walk.

An aside... I have found that taking a child under 4 years old can be a fun experience because they have better low vision and find many more interesting things than you will and if you do, make sure to wear some grubby loose clothes so you can get down and investigate with them as you move along. They are quite happy to have you down there and get very into little details but don't be too squeamish as they may pick up slugs, old candy, twigs and lord knows what else.

Happy Sun's day !

Saturday, April 4, 2009

And God sent an angel

In a place of no clocks or maps an angel of death hovers over the earth, it's shadow a harbinger to many, only of hopeful interest to those who scavenge the souls remains if they can and unnoticed by those not affected in the larger realms of existence though they two are stalked by their own savage death agents. Yet all, on warm days, may know the warmth of Gods graces.
The angel strikes with little warning but does not always take.
The threat is ever known by all but the urge for life is strong and more come to bolster the angels potential gifts to God.

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