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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aesop updated

The old tale of Tortoise and Hare tells that falling asleep while doing a task is bad.

Jack the rabbit read it well, thought to himself, “the light this sheds is sad !”

No member of my global community is so lax, I’ll get that title back !
To that end he checked out the local Tortoise, Googling on his computer for every fact.

He bought goggles and bomber cap from a site on the internet .
And while he was at it, found some sites and placed a few side bets.

The odds were good, in the turtle's favor.
The money Jack knew he would soon savor !

Come race day the a crowd came out and the sun did shine.
The Tortoise was ready and Jackrabbit looked quite fine !

The race got started with a flurry and flash.
The rabbit was off like a shot but Tortoise got hung up in desert trash.

Jack was far out in front and in sight of the finish line .
But Coyote spied the race, thinking Tortoise and Hare would taste just fine.

Coyote joined in the race with turtle the first one he caught just rounding the bend, Tortoise pulled up shy in his shell and, though Coyote knocked, would not let him come in.
So off Coyote sped to catch his other prey but Jack saw him coming and did not want to be Din Din.

As things often go the race was a bust and no body won.
Jack was diligent and did not sleep, so lived to have another son.

Tortoise, though he was slow, lived long and finally came out.
But Tortoise forgot what the race was all about.

So when you hear another famous fable.
Just finish your spinach and clean up the crumbs before you leave the table.

So you may live long like Tortoise and Hare,
Though like Tortoise your mind may not be there.

And fast is good when you are fast as a bunny so you may outrun the danger.
Like Jackrabbit, you may have to change your course when chased by a stranger.

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