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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Even if ...

Even if you are a speck of dust in the deepest, darkest reaches of space and time …

Even if no light shines form any knowable sun and all the points of light are so far away the universe looks like one dimly lit speck barely noticeable in a vast sea of blackness …

Even if the distance to anything like you is so far that time itself does not exist and seems void…You are not the forgotten edge of nothing …

But the leading edge of everything …

! …

Monday, October 26, 2009

Another round please ...

I just came inside after being outside looking in as I looked out ... The stars were beautiful and I wondered how far my soul will really go when I am done here ... I am not planning to leave any time soon but then you just never know ... It's a one way ticket you know ... Even if it all comes around again and again it gets tweaked each time with a butterfly sneezing a little differently each time and it's so vast the odds of it being the same twice are too much to behold except by the totality of itself ... but that doesn't stop me from looking out , not up but out to where my consciousness will expand one bright , sunny, rainy night as a new day dawns somewhere just before midnight and I am amazed I get to behold such wonders and know you in the same breath .

Have a wonderful new day and don't sweat the small stuff, just enjoy the good now because you can't keep it where we are going anyway!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The machine in summer clothing

Even as the brown leaves fall a still green machine prowls.

Edges of its coat showing the browns and yellows of the quiet time to come.

It’s prey already slowed and themselves hunting for a winter place.

The machine is patient and knows all come to those who watch and wait.

It’s deadly array of field artillery still sharp, its eye never closing untill the snow covers its hallow corps.

But sleek line and form for function keep it stealthy to the end and even in still summer clothing it steals the juices of life, not with contempt for the other but preservation of the self.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I looked but did I see ...

This very night I walked to my darkest place, eyes closed as if blind.

I know this spot , I have been there many times, alone.

This night I walked with two friends, a dog and me.

I was determined to see what I might find when I looked from my blind place, the one in the corner.

I walked slowly but sure-footed, listening for the trees, the rocks, all obstacles.

The other animal was sure of his path and thought none the less of me though he was wrong.

I was soon left alone to find what I came for.

No coyotes or deer rustled, no bird, no breeze disturbed my mind.

I tilted my face to a preconceived heaven then opened my eyes to see what I expected, points of light scattered and a feeling of being alone.

I closed my eyes, erased my mind, then looked again to see the face of God in narrow perspective.

I closed them once more to drain my head of such small thoughts and the vanity that I might know the almighty for I knew if it were the face only a thoughts worth could I really see.

Then I opened them again and let my soul see it's destiny.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He watches

There are many rocks but old man rock is the wisest of them all.

He watches with a steady gaze through sun and storms.

You may not notice him at first because he is very stealthy and it might seem he could never know anything .

But he is wise ! Old man rock is son of old man mountain and mother earth so he knows the importance of patience.

While he sits there watching and you think he can only know what his eyes tell him, you are wrong.

The wind brings him smells, he knows of the fire before your news person does and he has survived many of those himself so he knows how hot they can be.

He feels and tastes the rain to see if it is good enough for his brothers and sisters like racoon who he lets live in him and deer, fox and even old trickster coyote.

I myself have seen Coyote go many times and howl in old man rocks ear at night to tell him of a fine meal he has brought to share.

When men lay on him and block the sun his friend Ant chases them off then Mosquito makes sure man remembers his lesson near old man rocks drinking water.

He whistles in the wind and knows the world much deeper than you or I.

He feels the world around him and knows heavy weights on his soul.

He watches.

Monday, October 5, 2009

All rooms with a bath

There was a time, now gone by for most of us, when you shared a bathroom without a fuss ... And then one day along the way a landlord became magnanimous...
Now it seems so funny but think of the cost in money ...
An outhouse you know is cheap and dug when it's sunny.
To have the luxury of indoor plumbing at hand, not down the hall but in your room, how grand !
But some day you may come to rest in another land where sanitation is not the best and then you'll understand !
You'll forget the tailor and draper when out back you go to find alas there is no paper.
You will feel so sad, have to go in the woods like old Jake the trapper and you'll know just what you had.
That wonderful room with a crapper .

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