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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

He watches

There are many rocks but old man rock is the wisest of them all.

He watches with a steady gaze through sun and storms.

You may not notice him at first because he is very stealthy and it might seem he could never know anything .

But he is wise ! Old man rock is son of old man mountain and mother earth so he knows the importance of patience.

While he sits there watching and you think he can only know what his eyes tell him, you are wrong.

The wind brings him smells, he knows of the fire before your news person does and he has survived many of those himself so he knows how hot they can be.

He feels and tastes the rain to see if it is good enough for his brothers and sisters like racoon who he lets live in him and deer, fox and even old trickster coyote.

I myself have seen Coyote go many times and howl in old man rocks ear at night to tell him of a fine meal he has brought to share.

When men lay on him and block the sun his friend Ant chases them off then Mosquito makes sure man remembers his lesson near old man rocks drinking water.

He whistles in the wind and knows the world much deeper than you or I.

He feels the world around him and knows heavy weights on his soul.

He watches.

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