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Monday, October 26, 2009

Another round please ...

I just came inside after being outside looking in as I looked out ... The stars were beautiful and I wondered how far my soul will really go when I am done here ... I am not planning to leave any time soon but then you just never know ... It's a one way ticket you know ... Even if it all comes around again and again it gets tweaked each time with a butterfly sneezing a little differently each time and it's so vast the odds of it being the same twice are too much to behold except by the totality of itself ... but that doesn't stop me from looking out , not up but out to where my consciousness will expand one bright , sunny, rainy night as a new day dawns somewhere just before midnight and I am amazed I get to behold such wonders and know you in the same breath .

Have a wonderful new day and don't sweat the small stuff, just enjoy the good now because you can't keep it where we are going anyway!

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