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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I looked but did I see ...

This very night I walked to my darkest place, eyes closed as if blind.

I know this spot , I have been there many times, alone.

This night I walked with two friends, a dog and me.

I was determined to see what I might find when I looked from my blind place, the one in the corner.

I walked slowly but sure-footed, listening for the trees, the rocks, all obstacles.

The other animal was sure of his path and thought none the less of me though he was wrong.

I was soon left alone to find what I came for.

No coyotes or deer rustled, no bird, no breeze disturbed my mind.

I tilted my face to a preconceived heaven then opened my eyes to see what I expected, points of light scattered and a feeling of being alone.

I closed my eyes, erased my mind, then looked again to see the face of God in narrow perspective.

I closed them once more to drain my head of such small thoughts and the vanity that I might know the almighty for I knew if it were the face only a thoughts worth could I really see.

Then I opened them again and let my soul see it's destiny.

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