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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sense of humor ...

This picture is more at the stem of the phrase "having a Sense of humor".

A reason we have one and how to use it ...
Though it is a very common misspelling "Sense" of humor has two other variants that will give you a better understanding why it is so important !
The real word is "Scents" of humor and applies to how good you are at sniffing out jerks and nare-do-wells who plague the world of us more likable characters ( you and me of course have no scent, well no bad scent at least , only great armpit odor in my case ) so only those with exceptional Scents of humor are smelled by others and thus carry us through the day with the knowledge that someone will pick up the tab sooner or later if we himm and haw enough as we fumble through our wallets and BINGO a good time is had by all making our friends happy by helping us out and us happy by getting a free lunch.
The other spelling of the word is " Cents" of humor and this ties in with the aforementioned story as you might expect. To be truly happy you can't be bothered with carrying around all that heavy paper money or plastic cards for gosh sakes ! So just a few cents will be enough for the judge at your trial to think you are indigent and give you glorious tribulations ... err tribute for having such scents of humor.
See ? just a matter of semantics (some times known as significs).

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