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Friday, June 26, 2009

How I became a friend

When we were young many things they said could be done.
All you have to do is believe, focus and all would come.
I was a trusting soul and thought this would be great.
I started early believing I would be a fireman at the age of eight.
By nine though I found there were other rules then even more when I started searching in schools.
It seems that no matter how hard I tried for the hook and ladder
there were others who dreamed as well and into their trap I fell.
I never became that fellow in red with hose in hand but a hundred other things instead.
I was a trucker and Tailor, a carpenter and jailer, a farmer and biker, a ranger and hiker, a person of hats too many to mention with more to come I'm sure.
So if it is true that what ever I will may come true then I still think I want to be a friend to you for that is the best thing I wanted to do!

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  1. well, you've been a best friend as well as an inspiration in adapatibility to me, murph. i love you very much!


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