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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Never been there

New Hampshire, live free or die, great thought there though I have never been to New HampShire it must be beautiful and someone there liked HAP so what can I say but that I should make plans to travel there one day just to satisfy my wonder at such a place.
I have already started where I usually do , on line , to find out more about this cool place (they say it really is cool, freezing in fact at certain times of the year I suppose)And I know what a shire is , before the Normans conquered England with words at least it was like a county or governed area and New of course is opposed to old so there must be an Old Hamp Shire somewhere. But Hamp is stumping me !
I know it is not the US governments home stability thing, that wasn't invented when New got it's name, Perhaps it was for Ham, a county where a lot of pigs came from or Hampton, a local potentate who's subjects loved and they just shortened it so it sounded better during the revolution sort of like Pennsylvania Dutch if you were German during WWII or something or maybe they grew Hemp, the other suggestion from Google, during the revolution and like many other "American" words it got twisted to sound more USAish.
Well no matter how it came about I think I'm going to love the place with beautiful fall colors and scenic byways and old churches and minus 11 deg. temps in the north and balmy + 7 deg in it's south during the winter. Well perhaps I might visit south New Mexico during the winter, it's New too and I know what Mexico means ... or do I?

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