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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Hock to our necks but ...

In the beginning I was created from some local riff raff God had floating around after he did a number on whales and kumquats, he had already created the first two so he had time on his hands and I was the guinea pig.

But then he put an extra helping of beluga bladder in me so I look pretty much like I do today and it gave him this great Idea for a Pot Bellied Terraductape. We were playing a tough game of darts at the time and he asked me what I thought.

"Well", I told him, "the form is great but the name you could tear apart and use later for more things" and that he should economise a little so I, with my new found freedom, could create banks, congressional offices and gas stations for some of his other scrap people he was thinking of building out of waste materials.

So he asked what I thought a good name might be for this new animal that would rule his world for a while. I thought for .0032 seconds (which is actually a long time up there I might add) and came up with ... you guessed it Dynamos but he nixed that thinking he might want an electric grid or a rock band on this planet and went with Dinosaurs instead. I had to agree, it was great logic because there ain't nutin' else he was going to make from those letters.

We went on to playing chess and he won of course but for my loss made me be born in the 1900s for my cheekiness.

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