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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mermaids in love ...

Mermaids and love ... there certainly seems to be a lot of that going round or at least a lot of women say they love them and I hear sailors tales a lot but you know how sailors are and tall tails err tales that is.
I am not sure you can make love with one or even to one, in a mortal human way at least.
You could BE in love with one and perhaps even have the love returned but they are decendants of chickens and lay eggs. I have seen this actually.
They do it like trout by digging holes (nests) in the beach sand under water and plopping a few eggs in then try to lure a mermen over to fertalize them but there is no physical smooching and stuff , too much sea slime on their lips ! Yukky patooey !!!!
They do occasionally get a submerged surfer or two but when the mermaids try to squeeze the fertilizing juice out of them the surfers don't make it to the surface and become secondary food sorce for crabs ( You have to watch out for crabs when your with a mermaid or mermen ya know )
So I suppose " You can't can't make love to them unless you have an aqua-lung and like slimey kisses , but after she squeezes the juice out of you you won't be telling anyone how it was anyway "


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